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National Spaces:
A Visual-Music Experience

"At the heart of America's National and State Parks, there beats a rhythm, a melody, and a harmony that encapsulates the enduring love we have for our land and its cultural tapestry. With each note composed, our mission is to resonate the love for America and her rich musical legacy, inviting families—especially African Americans—to delve into the natural wonderment these parks provide.


We are committed to creating music that is a gateway to exploration and enjoyment for every individual, fostering inclusivity and ensuring the message that these majestic spaces are a home for all. Our tunes are an embrace, welcoming visitors from all walks of life to come together, forge unforgettable memories, and feel the unity that outdoor experiences and heartfelt music can conjure.


In homage to the dedicated Park Rangers, custodians of our journey into America's wild and scenic places, our compositions celebrate not just the people, but also the symphony of sounds that emanate from the flora and fauna which call these parks their sanctuaries. The lull of the trees, the whispers of the wind, the serenades from the waters, and the calls from the wild are the muse for our creations.


Our artistic vision is fueled by tales from literature, the visceral experience of the parks themselves, conversations with those who find solace within these spaces, and the wealth of history that the land holds. Each piece of music is a tapestry woven with the threads of knowledge acquired through research, interaction, and inspiration drawn from the diversity of nature itself.


We pledge to journey through acoustic landscapes, gathering the subtle yet vibrant sounds from the heart of America's wilderness, and sculpting them into songs that depict the soul of each unique environment—embracing the Park, the Ranger, the land, and every creature within. It is not just music we are creating; it is an invitation to connect, to celebrate, and to cherish the unity of people and nature harmonized in a symphony that is as timeless as the lands we honor."


State Parks 


National Parks



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