Ellis Me’Chelle, the Utah based musician, is Ellisbeetle Entertainment’s newest addition to its artist list. At 11 years old it was identified that he has an absolute pitch (perfect pitch). Capitalizing on his natural gift Ellis began the intense piano study with Armen Sahakyan.


Currently, his studies include musical skills (sight-singing, ear training, music transcription, music and mixing engineering, gaining endurance to perform at his highest level, confidence, determination, motivation, extreme music concentration. He also has begun producing and engineering his father, Samuel Kelly, on several songs.


All credits listed below will be released TBA

Credits Include:

Colic: Colemans Lullaby: Chord ReHarmonization

Colebelly Kelly: Stoplight: Music concept, Keyboards

Mind Cheese Sensual: Music Production, Engineer, Keyboards

35 Prindle Road: Vocals, Keyboards

Narragansett Bay: Keyboards, Engineering, Production

The Life Firm of Lucas, Henson, King and Rodgers: Production, Engineering

AMAYA: Vocals, Production