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Start, Stop, Go! | Ellisbeetle Entertainment

Discover distinctive content with Ellisbeetle Entertainment INC. - a company that takes pride in being a family-operated, black owned, and female owned enterprise. Our zeal for crafting original material and engaging content will make you feel like you belong. Let's embark on this journey together.

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Start, Stop and Go! Ellisbeetle Entertainment

Ellisbeetle Entertainment stands as a dynamic entity in the realm of Transmedia entertainment, melding concepts, music - including alternate folk, visual arts, and literature to enrich the creative journey.


A genre that challenges the conventional is Conceptual Agnostic Composition, or CAC. This genre transcends the boundaries of music, dance, literature, film, art, and more, rooted in the essence of all musical genres, including alternate folk.


Samuel Kelly, a versatile artist adept at music composition, writing, and the alternate folk style, found himself straying from the standard artistic categories defined by society. His unique compositions didn't conform to the existing norms, leading to the birth of CAC.


This innovative genre/style liberates artists, offering unbounded freedom of expression. CAC embodies the unity and infinite nature of artistic expression, recognizing every thought or reality as an element of art.


The process of creation is limitless in CAC, as artists embed their essence within their masterpieces. It is characterized by the fusion of multiple genres or styles of music, art, dance, literature, or film, creating a hybrid composition. Though one of the defining features is the amalgamation of various genres/styles, including alternate folk, CAC is not shackled to one style. Unconventional instrumentation, visualization, or performance skills are valued, thus redefining artistic expression.


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