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"Ellisbeetle Originals: Pioneering Unforgettable Stories"

Founded in 2018, Ellisbeetle Entertainment is a family-rooted conglomerate with a passion for crafting original content across multiple facets of the arts. At the heart of its establishment lies the Kelly family's dedication to honesty, creativity, and profound respect for the arts, people, and the natural environment.

Under the Ellisbeetle Entertainment umbrella, a suite of specialized companies thrives, each contributing to the group’s visionary ethos and business trajectory. Literature Aloud brings stories to life with engaging audiobooks; Terindo Books champions the written word through its publishing services; Metal and Wood orchestrates unforgettable experiences as the group's event management arm; Nahala Music captures the essence of sound in record production; and 54 Finch ensures that music compositions receive the recognition and stewardship they deserve through music publishing.

Committed to producing genuine content, Ellisbeetle Entertainment prides itself on its unique selling proposition: exclusivity and authenticity. Every product released and every event curated is infused with the company's values and unmistakable quality signature. Whether it’s a piece of music, a published novel, or a spectacularly orchestrated event, when clients see the name Ellisbeetle Entertainment and its associated logos, they can trust they're engaging with content that stands out for its integrity and artistic value.

Ellisbeetle Entertainment is more than just a corporate entity; it's a celebration of cultural richness and a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit. The company honors the craft, treasures the customer experience, and nurtures the landscapes that inspire its wide-ranging works. It's where art meets ambition, and where the ethos of respect, love, and originality creates a legacy of excellence in the entertainment industry.


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