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54 Finch: The Soundtrack of our Life.

The Sound Recording (Master Rights), The Composition (Publishing Rights),

54 Finch Music Publishing was created

Music publishers act as intermediaries for songwriters and/or composers, ensuring the collection and distribution of royalties accrued from their musical pieces. They are pivotal in obtaining three primary types of royalties globally.

These include performing royalties, arising from live performances—such as concerts, festival appearances, radio broadcasts, or plays in public venues.

Mechanical royalties emerge from the production of physical music formats like CDs, vinyl records, and also from digital streams and downloads.

Lastly, sync licensing royalties compensate songwriters, or copyright holders, every time their music is utilized, highlighting the need for two distinct copyrights per track: one for the sound recording and another for the composition.

54 Finch, a subsidiary of Ellisbeetle Entertainment INC., a parent company, was created to facilitate all of the parents company's music publishing needs. As of 3/2024 54 Finch has an archive up to 95+ hrs. of original music. For information pertaining to the above please contact


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