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Ellisbeetle Entertainment is a Transmedia entertainment company utilizing concepts, music, visual arts, and literature to enhance the creative process.



Conceptual Agnostic Composition, CAC, is a new genre/category of music, art, dance, literary works, film, and other categories that fall within the artistic realm. The origins of CAC are based on all musical genre concepts. It has been expanded to all elements of the arts. Samuel Kelly is a musician, composer, and author. He was presented with the dilemma of what category his creations comply to within the constraints which are currently set in society. His compositions do not adhere to what is currently laid out.



Methodically, he created CAC.  This new genre/style gives complete artistic freedom and/or expression to its creator and performers.  The premise of CAC consists of the fact that all artistic expression is one and all artistic expression is infinite. CAC is defined as everything which exists in thought, or reality is an artistic expression. When the process of creation is put in motion artistically, within the spiritual realm or the evolutionary chain of events, the end results theory has no boundaries or limitations. The creator embodies themselves within the composition which leaves a part of them within each masterpiece. Characterization includes, but not limited to, the combination of two or more genres, sub-genres or styles of music, art, dance, literary works, or film blended together to make a hybrid composition. 



Key components are: meshing genres/styles into one while not adhering to any one style. Obscure instrumentation, visualization, or performing abilities are key, but not essential.

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