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Music + Composition Journey

Updated: Feb 2, 2021


My name is Ellis Me'Chelle. I'm 13 and I play piano. Soon I'll have a year off from school and I'll be spending all my time learning more about music and composition with my father and my four instructors.

Required Listening List

I am supposed to listen to an album and say what each song sounds like to me. Later I'll watch the movie.

Album: There Will Be Blood

Composer: Jonny Greenwood

13 Songs 38 min 45 sec

1. Open Spaces:

In this song, it was mostly setting the mood, or the introduction. I think of it as a dark area in a brick building in a suburb.

2. Future Markets:

This was a song saying there was someone goofing around, like playing with knives. The music was in minor key. Then it turns into a tragedy. In the last third, it turned into sadness and sorrow, as if someone perished.

3. Prospectors Arrive:

This could, judging by the music, be a funeral for someone who died . The dead persons family is there as he is being buried. The family is mourning their loss.

4. Eat Him By His Own Light:

Someone starts investigating this accidental death. In the last third, he/she finds a lead, classifying it as a murder.

5. Henry Plainview:

At nighttime, Two adults are running from this unknown creature. They both have motorcycles, so they go in separate ways. They thought that it would only go after one. It did not get either of them.

6. There Will Be Blood:

The creature tears apart like paper. It then mind tricks them to come back. When they pulled into the driveway, It split into two and ate the both of them.

7. Oil:

In the morning, a family takes a drive and finds two mutilated adults with their faces left behind. They were family, but now they were just heads covered in blood. They mourn their losses and lay their heads deep in the forest.

8. Proven Lands (Intro):

This creature has multiplied from one to hundreds overnight. They are now going into surrounding rural towns and killing thousands. For each body, hundreds of these creatures come into existence.

9. Proven Lands:

Everyone celebrates July 4th.

10. HW / Hope of New Fields:

Someone has these dreams about these deaths, but finds something that explains what is going on.

11. Stranded the Line:

The deaths of thousands get found by another family visiting from Germany to look at American culture.

12. Prospector Quartet: After these bodies were found, the military got involved. The army, the air force, and the marines started to roam the suburb, telling them to stay inside.

13. De-Tuned Quartet:

When night came, These creatures multiplied into millions. They start killing everyone, from the sleeping children, to the military. The creatures eventually kill everyone in the town, after which they expand across the continent.

Thoughts after watching the movie:

The movie was very different than what I thought it was. The music was spaced out across the movie, and use percussion on top of the soundtrack. With De-tuned quartet, the song accompanied with the oil rig burning up and the child going deaf. The music makes the scenery more defined. There were beautiful spaces accompanied by the music. It enhanced the scenery and everything happening in the movie.

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