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Watership Down. Watership who?

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Listen to both. Differences?

I heard chords played in arpeggios in 16th notes. The arpeggios were C minor, F minor on C, D minor 7 on C, E-flat major on B-flat, and G major on b. The sustain pedal is used, with the bottom note making it melancholy. The left hand is playing around middle C, or C 4. Around halfway into the song, I start to hear bass, making it melancholier.

The start of both soundtracks is different. The original starts off intense. The new one starts off slow and calm. The original starts off as if something is running. Then, it settles down. The new one is calm. Later in the song, it sounds like dominance and triumph. I like the old one better, although both are perfectly orchestrated.

Angela Morley #ellisbeetle

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