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Hans Zimmer Live| Prague 2017

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Listen to the arrangement. Write down thoughts of what you hear/see. #NicholasRivera

FULL PLAYLIST! #ellisbeetle

The instruments I saw were keyboard, string bass, violin, viola, I think a trumpet and trombone, drums, bongo, piano, clarinet, and acoustic guitar. These instruments, especially the instrument Hans Zimmer played (acoustic guitar), helped maintain the intensity of Gladiator. It helped create the fullness. The other songs really benefitted from the way the orchestration was put in place. Even the sound of each player differed. Every piece is different, so they must be configured differently for it to be the best it can be. Gladiator sounds open, while A dog chasing cars was very full. Gladiator is more flexible on creativity; you can create anything, from hunting, to maybe a horror story. A Dog Chasing cars’ sounds more limited but both songs are phenomenal because of the beautiful orchestration.

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