Dik and Sak.png

Dik and Sak is a comedy that is all about male, female, and other genders gentles. Living their lives in the most amusing adventurous way. With Dik & Sak as the main character, your adventures with them will be nothing short of full-body combustion. Your experience will also come in a variety of colors. As you discover more about gay, lesbian, bi-sensuous, and trans-enchantments than you ever thought your body could handle.

Whether it is Dik being extinguished upon commandment or Sak supplying the most succulent indulgence, you will always find yourself more pleasured than when we began.

If you are in the mood, feel free to graze your pastures as we plunge into this journey. Written by  Corbanis Cribbins, Michelly Kelly and Samuel Kelly. Artwork by Bjorn Blaabjerg Sorensen.Music by Michelle Kelly and Samuel Kelly. Music distribution by Nahala Music.